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Hello from Western Mountains of Maine

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Tom Here, Really new to smoking, but I just love it. I have had some good luck and some bad. Pork ribs, Brisket, and Pork butt came out awesome !!!!  I created my own bone sucking sauce that people just go gaga over. My first try was to smoke 2 Cornish game hens

I 'll never know if there were any good. While I had them resting on the counter to cool, my Lab ate both of them in like 30 seconds.

I came in to find him smiling from ear to ear and the plate was still spinning on the floor.The second time I tried to smoke them they came out way to smokey could not eat them. The same thing happened when I tried to smoke some beef short ribs way over smoked , no good.

 I have a Brinkman smoker that is highly modified. I implemented every mod I could find on youtube.

I used youtube a lot to learn how to smoke correctly. There's a lot of good info there.


 God Bless , Good Luck , and keep on smoking !!!


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Hi Tom welcome1.gif to SMF!

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Hi Tom! welcome1.gif to SMF!!! We're happy to have you here! Would you do us a favor and add your location to your profile, it helps others to know where you are when they offer advice, Thanks!

Those hens must have been good for your dog to have eaten both of them!

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Welcome to SMF welcome1.gif
I had 4 steaks on the counter one time went outside to start the grill
Came back in and only 3 steaks was on the counter and my dog was sitting
in her room looking at me like "wasn't me"
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Hello Tom and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad you joined us 

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