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Costco pre-cooked ribs

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Okay, please don't give me crap about this thread.
I'm going have a cook out at my house within the next few weeks. I'm going to have about 20 folks. A month ago, I was at a cook out and Costco's pre-cooked ribs were served. My goodness, they were perfect. I chatted with a BBQ snob who had a few nasty comments about the ribs being pre-cooked (of course, he was on his 3rd plate at the time).

I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to smoke ribs but will pick up a few packs of the pre-cooked ribs and then throw them on the grill.

My question is, has anyone duplicated Costco's recipe for these ribs? I usually do ribs on my MES but have never, ever gotten ribs as good as Costco's pre-cooked ribs. How can I get my ribs to taste and look as good as these?

Thanks in advance!
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I've never tried the Costco's ribs, but i'm sure with the folks here, you can duplicate themicon14.gif

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my costco have ribs by kinders that are pre cooked. they smoke the ribs with apple for 4 hours then package them. pretty good for what they are

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Recently I had these Costco ribs. There are a couple types... I forget the name but tonight I am checking the brand. There where maggot eggs in them! We are the ribs and the next day 100s of maggots came out of the packaging!
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Mr. Stoodz,


These particular ribs are provided by a very reputable company.  There is no way than compare with the master chefs/cooks on this sight.  


They are very good for "Rib fix".   I also enjoy the dry rub as personally don't like sauce on my ribs (wings also).


There easy and delicious!-----However this is my opinion only!


P.S.------they sell out as fast as they make them!   15.00-19.00 a rack of Killer pork ribs hot of the grill!!


Cheaper than a pizza (unless you got it from COSTCO)



Just my 2 cents.   Cheers, JOhnny

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I am sure all went well.



Did it?

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Droid Bionic  Phone!-------You are beyond ribs!-------cook the entire pig in your spare time!

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