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Blue Cheese Hamburger Fattie

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This weekend we were not able to smoke on the Lang because of Tropical Storm Debbie and the 12-1/2" of rain that it dropped.

Thank goodness for the MES 40!

We did a simple bacon wrapped fatty using lean ground beef instead of pork sausage, a little S&P and then loaded it with blue cheese.


We had to shut the hurrican shutters at one point when we heard "the train".

TS Debie 013.JPG



Using the AMNS with Pitmaster Choice pellets from A-Maze-N Products

TS Debie 018.JPG



Just look at that cheeeese!




We used dinner rolls instead of PWB's so they were "slider" size.  I ate 3 and boy were they great!



Good thing I didn't try them on the Lang. Besides the 12-1/2" of rain, the winds were gusting over 50 mph with steady winds over 35 mph.  I've got to build a permanent structure over the concrete pad.

TS Debie 003.JPG


Oh, by the way. Half way through the smoke we lost all power. Thankfully, we have a whole house generator. When the power went out it took about 2 or 3 seconds for the generator to kick in. Thank goodness I remembered to restart the MES 40. When the power went off it shut off the smoker. We didn't skip a beat though, we just kept on smokin'

Thanks for looking,


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Looks good.
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Looks great, love the blue cheese in a fatty,  I hope the storm takes it easy on you..Stay safe!!

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