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That is some nice looking bark right there!

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Looks great.

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Originally Posted by SQWIB View Post

You nailed it.

The bark is to die for!


Unlike chef Jimmy, I am averaging 80 - 90 minutes a pound on a stickburner' (unfoiled), slightly less time unfoiled, at a temps around 240°.

I have experimented with foiling to help it through the stall and the bark has not been affected.

Bigger butts seem to take more time per/lb, for me anyhow.


Question to Jimmy, are you getting the same time per/lb on all of your smokers?

 No at 250*F, tends to avg hot, on the NB it runs 1.5hr/Lb...But at 225*F on the MES it has always been 2hr/Lb...JJ

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getting me hungry!!!

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that looks awesome, I am about ready to heat up my smoker and throw mine on for an overnight cook.

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