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More pics...







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Original burner was 220V, and larger diameter, so had to replace and add a sheet metal base to support the smaller 120V element.  Was thinking of using a cookie tray for drip tray...found a decent sized one at Fleet Farm, but like to still find one a little bigger that fits on the standoffs better.










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TBS has been good...finally some food...









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Total rookie still on the food (notice the lack of weave), but still having fun and friends and co-workers in full support of more being smoked...







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I'd been a slacker getting pics posted of build and shmokin......everything been a hit so far.

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Holy Smokes, Batman.

(I mean FoxRiver)


I admit I havent seen too many fridge conversions yet but the way you mounted the stove ring & element into the floor is just too clean and neat.

You make it look like you are ready to go into comercial production.


Now how do you assemble the accoutraments above the heater? I mean like do you use a water pan and a pan for chips/pellets?

Hmmm, I guess the chips would have to go on first and be kind of close to the heater and then use a water pan as a defusier?

It's 4:25 in the morning and I'm not really awake yet.


Thanks for sharing those photos.

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Looking good Fox I am going to do a butt this weekend also a meatloaf and some mac and cheese I think.

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Thanks, Tom.  Yeah was kind of disappointing when the original burner was the wrong part, but when I cut out that piece of green sheet metal, mounted the new burner and riveted down, I was a lot happier with how that looked.  Not that it really mattered though, smokes the same!


The stuff above the burner I wasn't really sure what to do, so that's what I came up with.  Got a sheet of aluminum, folded down the edge around the perimeter and it sits on alum angle "iron" brackets that are riveted to the wall.  Same brackets the shelving sits on.  I cut out the center of the alum sheet , bigger than the burner, and riveted down a piece of the diamond pattern stainless.  My thought was that would serve as smoke spreader/diffuser, then added standoffs to the alum sheet and rest the baking pan on top of that to serve as heat spreader/drip tray/minimize direct heat to lower shelves.  Don't know if any of that really does what i think it does, but I'll believe it if the food tastes good. hehe

I haven't used any water in the drip pan for anything.  If someone told me I should for a good reason, I'd consider it.


For a smoker I use the AMNPS, and set it to one side of the burner, next to the smoker wall closest to whichever intake gasket is upwind.  There's a gate valve on both sides of smoker  for air intake.


driedstick - meatload and mac n cheese are very high on my list of next things to try!  Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

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Oh for crying out loud!

More photos?

Fox, have you gone pro?


I was just working up some initial drawings for a vertical tank smoker with electric element but I am so far behind that I feel like I walked into the movie during the final credits.

I mean just look at all that yummy stuff. Taters and eggs even.

OMG, I'm so hungry just lookin' at it all.


I'm going to die on an empty stomach.

This just ain't fair!

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Thank you for the pictures, it was helpful.

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this is just what i want to do i may have come across the exact same freezer but i want to use a Colman 2 burner camp stove for my heat source this is perfect for me great pix i hope mine will turn out half as good will put up pix when i start from start to finish just like this good info for me thanks

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With many thanks again to MossyMO for the idea....Took my sled in yesterday and he had a Yamaha hood laying around, so pulled the latches off for me, and said "Merry Effin Christmas!!!  haha  I'll be bringing him so smoked cheese and mixed nuts when it's done.  Got installed yesterday, one's a little kattywhompus....not sure what happened there.  Exactly the latch solution I was looking for, but couldn't think of...Here's a couple pics.






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What was the GA/thickness of the sheet metal you used? I need to replace some plastic parts on mine and don't want to go to thin.

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What exactly did you do with those eggs?   Put them in there raw and use a hot smoke, if so, what temp and for how long, they look AMAZING...!


Could you also hard boil them and then put them in cold smoke for awhile and would it actually make it through the shell to the egg?


Smoker is looking sweet man!

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Just a "little" late on the responses, must not have seen in email or forgot....I'd say the steel thickness was 1/32".


Put the eggs in raw, soaked in 50/50 vinegar/water for 5min smoking.  That supposedly opens up shell pores, but have no facts behind that.  Smoke them around 2.5hrs at 220 while smoking other stuff, but could have been done way before that.  Get a nice smoke in the egg white.

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