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Pork Bellies

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I'm getting educated so my first attempt at making bacon will be a success. What's a price range per pound that I can expect to pay for the belly? I'd like an easy recipe for a beginner. Thanks!
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All the techniques we discuss on the forum are easy.  Just some require a bit more attention then others.  We are here to walk you through it so just ask!

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Thanks Al!!! I like ur avatar! I was lucky enough to be at a Ducks Unlimited Banquet over 30 years ago. Justin Wilson was the guest speaker and my grandmother catered the Banquet. "I gare-on-tee dis is sum fine catfish Mrs. Hunter" he told my grandmother. I've got a couple of his cookbooks that ill blow the dust off of soon.
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I bought some here in Indy a couple of weeks ago @ 2.69lbs...that was high though.

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