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Hello from Phoenix

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Hey everyone,


My name is Austin and I live in AZ near Phoenix.  I grew up loving to grill and doing so year round. 


My current grill is about shot so I began looking at some new ones at places like Lowes.  All of them looked pretty cheap and were more than I wanted to pay so I decided I would build my own.  I have access to alot of scrap metal at work so it seems the best choice! (Plus I love metal fab work).


The more I look around the more complex my plans get so I'm now planning to build a combo reverse flow horizontal smoker and grill.  I've read alot of build threads on here and gotten alot of ideas, now I'm looking for some advise and hopefully will start my own build thread shortly!

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Hello Austin and welcome to SMF! Don't know what kind of build advice you are looking for but you can post a thread under builds with your questions. There's loads of helpful folks here. 

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Welcome to SMF
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Hello Austin and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad you joined us 

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Hey Austin, welcome.


I'm not sure if this would work for you.  But Big Poppa's just put out a kit for building a UDS.  It has everything you need, except the 55 gallon drum.  Looks pretty sweet and you should be able to have a great UDS for under $200.

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Thanks for the link Mike.  I'd like to build my own because I can get most of the materials for free and building it is half the fun for me.


I posted a thread in the RF smoker build section requesting some advice, if anyone wants to check it out heres a link:

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