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How long to smoke

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Im reading that a general rule of thumb is 1.5 hr per pound to smoke a shoulder. That would put an eight pound butt at aprox.12 hrs. I'm planning on smoking 4 butts ave 8 pounds each in my electric Brinkman bullet. I'm wondering how long I should allow for smoking time.
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1.5 hrs per LB is a good rule of thumb but they can stall so to be safe figure 2 hrs per LB and add a couple of hours to that so I would give it no less than 18 hours. The last butts I did were about 9# and they went almost 19 hours. If they get done early you can always wrap them in foil and put in a cooler wrapped in some towels and they will stay hot for hours. Most important, don't cook by time you must cook by temperature, you want them 200*-205* internal temperature.

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Thanks for your reply, but to be clear are you saying that they (all 4butts in the smoker at the same time) should take in the neighborhood of 18 hrs.? I understand that I need to cook to ~200 * but just to get some idea as to how long it will take.
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I was just saying that if you need to have them done by a certain time and you are cooking at the standard 225* you should probably give yourself 18 hours. If they get done early you can keep them warm in a cooler. It's always better to get done early than late.

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Good call Dave!...JJ

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Ok thanks so much, I wasn't sure if you were saying 18 hrs each or 18 hrs for the whole batch. Having a get together Sat in honor of my daughters college graduation , wish me luck.
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Oh Sorry bout that, yea the whole bunch! 1 or 4 or 8 doesn't really change the cooking time much as long as they are put on together.

Good Luck!!! and keep us posted how it goes, and if you need anything else in the meantime We are here for you!

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