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Beef, Pork, Elk, & Chicken -Trail Bologna- Q-View

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I had 4 lbs beef round roast, 3 lbs boston butt, 1 1/2 chicen thigh meat, & 1 1/2 elk to make trail bologna.  I used LEM Backwoods seasoning & cure then added some green onion. I smoked it for 4 1/2 hrs @ 160 deg using apple & cherry wood. I then poached it till the IT was 160 then an ice water bath for a 15 minutes. This came out great.  IMG_20120616_193502.jpg IMG_20120616_170647.jpgIMG_20120616_182139.jpgIMG_20120617_053442.jpg

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Awesome looking!!!
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Looking great Bob.... Better start stockin up and bring some to the SELA...... drool.gif



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Looks real good!


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wow looks great.

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That looks great!

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Now that looks good icon14.gif
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Looks great!

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Really nice.


What type crackers and what are the dip sauces?

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Bah Humbug

 Just kidding... it looks great!!!!I said Bah Humbug cause I will never get any.  Do you know where " trail" bologna got its name?Really nice job. !!! Weisswurst

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Trail, ohio?
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Trail ohio Yep weiss wurst

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I love homemade sausage so please send me some.

Nicely done.icon14.gif

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