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First Turkey Smoke now with Q-View

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I am going to smoke my first turkey this weekend. There is a turkey farm near my house. I stopped by yesterday and ordered a fresh bird for Friday. So Friday I plan to pick up a 14-15LB bird. I will brine it Saturday during the day then pull it Saturday night and let it dry then smoke it on Sunday.


I will post picture updates throughout the weekend as time allows.

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I think you're cutting yourself short on the bringing time, and probably aren't going to accomplish much, if anything at all. For a bird the size you're preparing I normally brine for 48 hours, then drain, rinse well, and allow to dry for 12 hours.


I know this won't work with you're schedule at this point, but suggest you start brining Friday after you pick up the bird and go at least 24-30 hours.

Good luck.

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OK i was originaly thinking about doing a 24hr brine but then read about not leaving it in for more then 12 hours. Is there a guide for brining time per lb? I have no problem brining it Friday. I am going to head to the bulk food store tonight to get some brine making supplies.

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I've seen a number of guides in the past, but the times all over the place. Some say 1 hour per lb., others say 4 hours per lb., and others are in between. Most of those guides don't take into consideration the actual size or mass of the item, just the weight. 


When I've done whole turkeys, they were in the 15-17 lb. range. I found that 48 hours followed by a really good rinse (in and out), and a 12 hour drying period worked best for me. It's your first time and if you're concerned about over brining resulting in too much saltiness, cut it back a bit but I would go no less than 24 hours.


BTW, I no longer do whole turkeys, and I no longer wet brine them. I part the bird out myself, or just buy the parts. I stagger smoke/cook starting with the dark meat and add the light meat later in the cook. I also use a dry "brine" or cure which I find gives much better results.

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OK here we go. i picked it up at the farm Friday night. Doesn't get much fresher than this

Picking it up at the farm


OK we are going to need a bigger pot for this 16lb bird




Hmm I dont have a bigger pot. Well lets use this 5 gallon bucket. Filled it up with Slaughterhouse brine.




Had to pull some shelves from the fridge so it would fit. Then I let it soak till 9pm Saturday.




I let it dry overnight then Sunday morn at 9am I put it on the DB set to 250



At about 1pm I kicked the temp up to 350 to crisp the skin a little and I pulled it off at 1:30




It was pretty tasty



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