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Smokin-it model 3

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Just got my new Smokin-it model 3 smoker, it came in pretty good condition. First impression is the build quality is pretty solid, the finish work shows up a little rough. Due to its all bare stainless construction, but for the price it looks good. And it looks like it will last, I'm seasoning with 3 pieces of oak as I type this. So in a few hours when it's done, I'll open it up and see what it looks like after 5 hours of heat and smoke.
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Nice looking unit!  Can't wait to see the 'innards' in it!  What's going to be your first smoke or smokes?  Hope you get'er dirty!

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Some butts

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Some tri tip
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Some brisket, this was my first one. Needed another couple hours and more smoke,didn't wrap it and the flat wasn't as juicy as I would like.
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Some tri tip
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Nice riblet1.....................................
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