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My first post here ...


I did a marathon smoking on our last Holiday weekend and now have some Smoked Cheese.


I purchased this:


Prepped them like this (Started on a Gasser but moved it to the Green Egg):


Smoked them in a Green Egg w/ an AMNPS for for about 5 hours (AMNPS went out twice until I found the sweet spot / Vent Openings) at night, Temp kept under 65 deg.




I left them on the counter to cool / dry, then Vac Packed them and placed them in the wine fridge @ 55 deg.


It has been 3 weeks and I am torn between leaving them like that until I want to use or ordering Cheese Wax.


Is it worth the effort of waxing this cheese (Do I have to worry about ammonia, acetic acid, & CO2 affecting taste. Or does this occur in non aged cheeses) ?


What does a better job of aging Cheese, before smoking or after?


FYI The other smoked items:


Round Bone Roasts and Beef Short Ribs


The Round Bone Roasts made some Texas no Bean Chili


The Beef Short Ribs were for Saturday Dinner w/ Smoked Manhattans (using the Smoking Gun)


Sunday Night was a Brisket (Sorry No Pics).


Monday Night was cold smoked Bone in Rib eyes cooked Sous Vide (Using a Beer Cooler w/ 135deg water for 2 hr)  then finished on a smoking hot cast iron skillet with a blowtorch (Also No Pics).


Thanks in advance for your replies!

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I'd be for waxing all that cheese...either wax it or have it destroyed with mold...sooner the better. You may want to read back through on the soft cheese...I don't smoke it, so don't deal with the necessary steps involved.




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I just had a little chat with Mr T and he reminded me that you should not wax soft cheeses, but you definitely should wax the hard cheeses for longer aging. Vac-pack the softer cheese.




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I ordered 5 lbs of wax.


The Buffalo Moz didn't last a week!


I tried a few pieces at the 3 week mark and WOW.


Tell Mr. T Thanks also.



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Ok.. I've got a question, which is more out of curiosity than anything else..


I just smoked my first batch of cheese, (http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/254896/giving-this-smoking-cheese-a-shot) and I am pretty happy so far (I haven't tasted it yet, but seems good :biggrin:), and then this thread was given to read when asking about storage...


In Mr. T's original post, and as others have stated - "Place in a zip type bag leaving a small opening to keep condensation from forming and allow it to set on a rack at room temperature for a day"   What is the point of the zip lock?  I understand why to let it rest (moisture dries), and why if you use a Zip lock, why you would leave it open (again moisture), but why use one at all?  What is the benefit, or is it just a personal preference thing?  I just took my cheese off the smoker racks, put them on some cookie racks, and in the fridge they went.  Maybe I should have just kept them outside of the fridge, but I chose the fridge. to let them dry.  My only complaint, and it was mentioned somewhere in the thread, is the smell of the smoke in my fridge, as they dried.  Would the zip lock help with that?

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