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did another chuckie, with pictures

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I picked up a couple of chuck roasts at the store the other day. Coated one in reg yellow mustard and the other in my favorite Sweet Hot mustard. Used Jeff's rub and added just a little more CBP. Smoked at 225 in my MES 30 and used my AMNPS filled with 1 cup of Hickory and Oak pellets. These were going to be sliced up cold for sandwiches at a family function so I took them to IT of 190, rested them in the cooler for 2 hours, refrigerated them over night.  Not one complaint on these, kinda wish I would of done a couple of more, they didn't last very long . .  I think I have been put in charge of meat for the next get together . . thinking some chuckies or a couple of Tri-tips, pastrami, and pork loins next time . .


please offer any advise . .  thanks


chuckie with sweet hot mustard.JPG


chuckies out of frig heading to smoker.JPG


chuckie just out of cooler.JPG


chuckie sliced up.JPG

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Very Nice - great post thanks for sharing. Looks very Yummy

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Man that looks good

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Looks great!!!!

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