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Rib eye

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Today I picked up a Erin eye from the butcher. I wanted to try grilling with lump. So I turned my mini WSM back into a smokey Joe, loaded some lump and lit it up. When it was ready, I put my steak on. Went inside for five minutes, when I come back all I see are flames! I run over and flip it, I caught it in time, nice char but not burnt. Kept an eye on it while the other side cooked.
When it was done I let it rest for 5 minutes, then chowed down!
This is exactly what I was missing in my steaks, char! This was one of the best steaks I have ever made! I usually grill on my gasser.
Definitely going to keep grilling with lump, it's awesome. Adds such a good flavor.

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Lump is the only way to go, biggrin.gif

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That's so true. It's funny because I just used coal for the first time in 3 years for my homemade fresh sausage and it was incredible the difference in flavor from my gas grill.. 

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Yeah, you gotta keep your eye on those ribeyes. The fat will render quickly and start a flame up. Believe me, I know. The last time I made them on my propane grill, I went inside to toss a salad, and when I came out it looked like a bonfire.

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My boyfriend adds charcoal or lump to the gas grill!!!! I have the best of both worlds.

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I've been experimenting with that Husker. Do explain a bit or take a couple pics. That'd be awesome!

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Hmmm... haven't cleaned the grill in so long I think it's got built in lump all around the propane...... icon_rolleyes.gif!

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