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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Pops has a good brining recipe... Search "Pops brine recipe"....

What I do for a dry rub/brine...
Weigh the belly.... add cure at 1.3 grams per pound (~<200 Ppm)... add salt at 2% and sugar at 1%.... Good places to start... add other spices... rub into the meat.. zip bag it in refer for 10-15 days... rinse and dry (add black pepper now if you want pepper bacon)... rest for another couple days in refer ... warm to room temp and place in front of a fan to form the pellicle.... cold smoke for 4-24 hours plus... cold smoking should be done in steps over several days.. smoke on.... smoke off... always very thin blue smoke for the best flavor.... partially freeze and slice...




How do I figure out percentages? I have an accurate scale to do the cure (it arrived today). The belly slab is ~7 pounds

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Here is the math, Sir...JJ


7 X 1.3g/lb = 9.1g Cure #1 = .32oz


7 X .02 = .14lb X 16 = 2.24oz Salt = 63.56g


7 X .01 =.07 X 16 = 1.12oz Sugar = 31.78g

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454 gms in 1 pound..... 454 x 0.02 (for 2% salt) = 9.08 grams of salt per pound.... sugar would be half of that or 4.54 grams of sugar per pound...

Soooooo for 7 #'s of bellies..... 7 x 9.08 = 63.6 grams and 31.8 grams for sugar...
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Thanks. For some reason I did not think it would be that simple. I should be getting started today. I'll post pictures when it's all done.
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