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BBB with a shoulder?

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My local grocery has whole pork shoulder picnics on sale for $.99/lb. I have one that's probably gonna end up as bratwurst, but was thinking of getting a couple more for pulled pork and maybe trying to make buckboard bacon. I've seen most people using Boston butt, but would the shoulder work if I skinned and boned it? I think it's pretty much the same meat. I've smoked a whole shoulder for PP and didn't notice any difference. By the way, I realize the sell by date was yesterday. I got this one a few days ago.


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Great price! I've never done one but I have seen threads where others have smoked them for PP.

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Shoulder and Boston Butt are one and the same. (At least they are around here.)

Wait, I just noticed the picnic part. that is obviously different. biggrin.gif
There's no reason you can't use that for BBB.

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 I was referring to the difference illustrated here.

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