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I think that you'd be much happier with the LEM, it's a much better grinder with a stainless steel barrel.
I wouldn't buy the other one with the aluminium barrel for several reasons, but mainly, aluminum will be rubbing of into your meat.

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I have the Lemm 35 and their 5lb. stuffer. They are high quality and well worth the $$$. I bought a cheap grinder first and it didn't make it through the first 15lbs. of meat. Hope this helped

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Hi  All info helps for  a Newbee like me.Now I'm leaning back to the Lem 3.5. I was thinking with the cheaper one, I could also get a 5 lb suffter.

Oh well, let's see what happens.

Thanks Dan

 PS For sweet Italian sausage a simple recipe like salt-black pepper and fennel seeds.

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I have the LEM #8, which is the one you have in your link. I got mine at Bass Pro for $269.99. I also have the LEM 5 lb vertical sausage stuffer. I've had no trouble at all with either. I don't have a dishwasher, so I bought the cleaning kit at the same time. I've also added the foot pedal, which is great. The cheaper one you linked to well you'll get what you pay for. 

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Hi "I have the LEM #8, which is the one you have in your link. I got mine at Bass Pro for $269.99."

I just checked the Bass pro website and they have it listed at $329.00.The #5 is listed at $269.00;-Electric-Meat-Grinders-by-LEMreg;-Products/product/40794/59313?cmCat=CROSSSELL_THUMBNAIL#


THanks Dan

PS I don't have a Bass Pro close to me.

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Hi All Soooooooo I'm guessing all you guys are saying it's worth the extra $150.00 for the Lem, even though my sausage and meat grinding will only be done occasionally ,in 5 lb batches.

Question? How is the Lem for sausage stuffing for a NewBee?

I'm still on the fence to which way to go.

Thanks for all your fast replies & info.

Dan Bono

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Try these guys -


They carry both LEM and Sausage Maker and they have great prices and incredible customer service.  

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Wow that's really jumped up there in price! 

Anyway, there's some members that haven't gotten grinders from Northern Tool I believe that they are real satisfied with. Let me see if I can come up with the threads.


I used my grinder as a stuffer one time and the meat was too mushy for my liking. Others may have better results.


here's one thread that talks about a couple different ones.


I just put grinders in the search bar

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Here's a site sponsor who also sells them, only $3 more than the one on ebay.....

I have the following stuffer...stuffing with a grinder sucks!

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Good price on both of those!

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HI All Ok now I have meat Pork 8.92 lbs deboned shoulder /Veal 1bs cubes, the ginder should be here later today/Tues.Should I grind the meat and mix the seasonings and let them sit overnite? Or just grind and mix and stuff. I've read soo much lately I'm confused as to which way to go. Can I use the fat that is on top of the shoulder? the thick piece?

I have the LEM/Backwoods Sweet Italian sausage & there Bratwurst seasoning packs.


Thanks Dan

PS Can't wait to get started!!!

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I bought both my grinder and stuffer from Northern Tool.

They have changed names to Kitchener now, but it looks the same.


My Horizontal 8# stuffer is discontinued, but their 5# Vertical looks good and has great reviews.


A nice to have is a mixer. Keep from freezing your hands off.

I got mine on eBay for $60. It looks just like this one.



Good luck.

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Hi All Just finished stuffing 3 lbs of Bratwurst= 2 lbs Pork shoulder/1 lb Veal cubes and LEM seasoning pack.

Let me start for by saying it was a MAJOR "PIA" stuffing thru the largest grinding plate 5/16, for some unknown reason the grinder as you all know didn't come with a spacer/kidney plate.

I had to use a lot of arm strength getting the meat stumper in and out of the hole where the meat goes into the grinder. When I had to clean up the grinder, the plate was really suffed tight,no wonder why I had to put soooo much pressure on the meat stumper. Half way thru the process my wife said "we need a stuffer". I still have 5 lbs of Italian sausage to stuff after dinner. We both need a break!!!!.This time I'm cutting the use less Kubbe attachment and use that as a spacer, should make stuffing much easier. If not then onto a stuffer.

The Italian sweet sausage seasoning was to my wife's liking, she wasn't to happy with the Brat seasoning, to salty, we both DON"T use salt in our cooking.

To be continued.........


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Can't wait to see the finished product yep stuffing thru a grinder is a PIMA also, My stuffer just showed up from everything Kitchens hope to use this weekend.

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Hi All "We don't need the stinkin spacer/stuffing plate". Line from a a famous old time movie, showing my age again.

Great news I cut the Kubbe thingy and used it as a spacer, worked GREAT, less then 10 minutes to stuff 5 lbs Italian sweet Sausage. The meat just flowed out of the grinder, finally got IT


The second batch 2 1/2 lbs of the Italian I added chopped green peppers & white onions.. Can't wait to eat themdrool.gif

Thanks all for ALL the help, getting to this point!!


PS The hardest part of the whole process, was geting the natural hog casing onto the stuffing tube.


         Green pepper and white onion sweet Italain sausage



    Kubbe thingy cut down to use as a spacer


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Hi All Cooked some of the Italian sausage on the grill today. Came out dry but tasty, wife said I overcooked them? I think it was a combinmation of too little fat and some over cooking?

Really can't tell much by the picture?? Can you?

Thanks Dan



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I like to pre boil my sausage for 5-8 minutes and then get the grill marks quick. It's easy to grill them too much or not enough but too much gets you a hard out layer of over cooked skin and meat.

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Hi All Cooked some of the Bratwurst patties on the grill yesterday, pretty much got the same results as I did with Italian sausage.This time I did NOT over cook, and still they were on the dry side. Next time more fat.


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Hi All Update on my 2nd try at making Sweet Italian sausage.


Thanks Dan

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