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Newbie in PA

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Hello everyone,


My name is Tim and my family and I live in York PA and have for the past two years.  We moved from MD to be closer to family and have enjoyed our new home since we got here. 


I just ordered a WSM for my first smoker and I am extremely excited about trying it out.  I have no experience with smoking anything but have done a good bit of reading over the past week.


I am hopeful my WSM will arrive in time for me to do a test run/chemical burn before Saturday.  I am thinking of starting with a pork butt, from what I have read that is one of the easier pieces of meat to cook and less likely to mess up on my first go around.


Any and all advice will be appreciated !!

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Hello Tim and welcome to SMF and the wonderful world of smoked foods! 


You might be interested in TulsaJeff's free smoking basics e-course.

You can sign up here:


Congrats on the new smoker. Lots of members own WSM and like them.

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Hello Tim and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad you joined us 

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Have fun and...

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I'm still a newbie and have learned a lot from everyone here. Ribs are pretty easy to start with too. Good luck

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Thanks everyone! 


I have signed up for the free 5 day course from TulsaJeff and have received my first lesson. 

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Welcome to SMF
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Welcome aboard, have fun, it's a great sport! Lol
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welcome1.gif to the forums!  There are a bunch of great people here that are very helpful and have great advice.  I been smoking for a few years now and been a member for a few years as well and I am still a Newbie smoker in my Opinion!roflmao.gif  I came here bascially knowing nothing about smoking with a brand new smoker, if it weren't for these people here, I have no idea were I would be!  

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WELCOME! welcome1.gif  Glad you joined this site is amazing and It gets better everyday! Just a recommendation I know for me when I first started out I tried to do a huge party BBQ with ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and chicken (bad idea btw keep it close to home the first couple of times I was disappointed in my self lol) for me I thought what came out the best and was the easiest were the ribs and the chicken. However, for me I have cooking background before hand so maybe it is different. Either way, again, Welcome! 

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Yeah I don't plan on having anyone but my own family present for my first attempt. 

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