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This is honest to goodness West Texas award winning chili, I have the awards. This is a very old recipe given to my Dad as a kid from his Brother-in-law (the butcher), who made it for meeting nights at the lodge. It has been massaged a little for the cook-offs. You'll also note that its mild. When you cook competition you cook for where you are and not the way you want it. If you need more chili powder or red pepper add it at the end. IMHO the most important part is the chili ground (Extremely course, sometimes I actually cut it small by hand), brisket. It will stand up to a long cook. It all depended upon the competition. I didn't travel far like some of the folks, Even though I have been to Terlingua, I was never invited.


"THE" Chili"  (Uncle Goldies)


I suggest you cut it in half.


4 pounds course ground chili meat (Brisket is great)           

1 pound ground pork                                            

1 pound ground suet                                            

4 cups onions chopped                                          

6 toes garlic minced                                           

48 ounces water                                                                              

6 (14 1/2-ounce) cans tomatoes whole, (or canned from the garden)                       

8 tablespoons chili powder                                     

5 tablespoons flour                                            

2 tablespoons cumin                                             

1 tablespoon salt                                              

2 tablespoons sugar                                            

1 chipolte pepper                                              



Magic powder is: powder, flour, cumin, salt, sugar, and chipolte.


#14 or #16 Dutch oven, medium heat, render Suet and remove solids. Add meats and brown. Add onions and garlic, and sweat till translucent. Add magic powder stir till incorporated. Add liquids. Squish tomatoes up (the most funest part) and add with juice.


This isn't a barn burner, that's not how you win, but it is the best all round West Texas Chili you'll ever have. As to beans if you like 'em throw some in, but in the home of chili you'll definitely get sent packing if you attempt to serve chili with beans in it...... If I trim a packer, I grind my lean scraps for chili. Hamburger turns to mush in chili, you need the large grind and tuff meats with flavor, hence the brisket or flank. That first freeze or snow everyone asks when the dutch oven is coming out, (the snow was West Texas and New Mexico not Louisiana). I have had some really good custom ground chili's especially from down around Las Cruces, but that's another story for around the campfire.


Like that commercial says, "Try it, you'll like it".


Oh BTW thats a great way of explaining chili to a martian, or someone thats never been to the west.

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Great write up.I started adding a bay leaf to mine . It just adds some depth.
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