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That is really great. It is nice to have a Wife that can and likes to cook. Mine constantly reminds me the only reason she married me was for my cooking!...JJ

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You need a big Dutch Oven at least a 12 in one.  Then you need to preheat the dutch oven for about 30 minutes we build a pillow out of aluminum foil so the pan is not sitting directly on the bottom of the dutch oven.  Oh also we place unlit coals next to the lit ones so the have enough cook time.  Then we build foil sling to drop the pie pan into the oven.  You have to check your pie after 20 minutes and keep checking every 10 minutes after that.  Removing the pie is the toughest you have to pull the sling contraption out without breaking the crust.

I have a big dutch oven and all wonder if I could somehow make a rack with handles somewhat like a canning jar rack or something of the sort to make it easier to lift without disturbing the crust 33.gif

Thanks for the info .. I really want to try this sounds like a fun camping thing to do ..


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"Way to go" to the Mrs!!!  I've done pies in the dutch oven in competitions, but at an IDOS sanctioned cook-off you're not allowed to even use a pie plate or pan. You can use parchment paper or aluminum foil if you want to lift the pie from the pot but that's about it. 


The secret if you do lift it out is that you need to make the walls of the pie thick enough so walls don't blow out.

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Outstandingly impressive!!! Many congratulations to the Mrs and her stunning results! Nice to have a partner that enjoys some of the same things you do. But you better be careful....she had some dynamite looking food there and she just might pass you by with her accomplishments!!!

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Congrats to Mrs. Ecto!  Sounds like a great weekend for the both of you.

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Congrats to you guys, especially the Mrs.! Everything looks really great....nice job!

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ECTO1, Thanks for the post, I was wondering how she did….It sounds like she had it under control…. I’m kinda of wondering when she is going to get her own spot on here….LOL It sounds like she has been bitten by the smoking bug…..Tell her Congratulations !!!! from ShoneyBoy

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That's awesome the 2 of u cook together!! Personally I'm 25 and have a gf. She doesn't like the cooking aspect much, and when I get her to cook with me she gets impatient and decides to turn into a "looker" not a cooker lol! But that awesome u have that bond! Her chicken and ribs look delicious!! Congrats to her on all her winnings!
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Wow, oh wow your wife did great.  She had a great teacher, partner and team mate.

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Congrats to both of you! Looks great! Im trying to get my wife into it, right now shes at the loving to eat it stage but has recently been paying more attention! Hoping soon to get what you have going!! Congrats again!

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