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Im Drew. Always loved BBQ and especially Smoking. Looking to learn alot and have a bunch of Fun while Im at it. Im self employed so my time is as flexible as I desire. Go to Every Buffalo Bills Game with a good size group and Live near Syracuse. Looking forward to learn from this site. Havnt been apart of a Forum online as of yet but Im looking forward to it.


I signed up today since I am throwing a birthday party for a buddy of mine. First Whole Hog 180 lbs and dont want to look like an fool. Im also doing 2 Briskets as a late night snack. I tried the Wood Chicks resipe from BBQ Pittmasters and it was bang on. Well at least from what I have been doing previously.


Utimately I would like to Join or create a team that wants to get involved in a few competitions. Serious about learning while having a few and a killer time. Work hard play hard thats what Im about. Own a couple businesses and another startup on the way. Need a balance to all that boring work. So figured I would try this out. Spent 8 years in the maines active also from 93-01. That should sum it up. Look forward to learning more about BBQ and meeting some Cool people.

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Hi Drew! welcome1.gif to SMF!!! We are glad to have you here!!! If you're doing a whole hog then I'm sure some of us can learn something from you. Lot's of great people here who love to share their experiences.

Thank You for your service and Happy Smoking!

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Hello Drew and welcome1.gifto SMF - thanks for swinging by here and introducing yourself 

Good luck with that pig it is a big one 


Thank you for your service 

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Hello Drew! Welcome to SMF and you are already a part of the wonderful world of smoked foods!


Can't wait to see details of the whole hog...not that I could do one now anyway, but it sure is fun looking and reading about them. 


Thank you for your service usa.gif

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