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My first smoke

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Tomorrow morning I'm going to smoke for the first time.  I'll be smoking a 12.5 lb butt in a masterbuilt 30 electric smoker.  I've seasoned the butt and it's in the fridge ready to go. The plan is to put in a aluminum pan to keep the drippings while smoking then put foil over it for the remainder time.  I do not plan on taking the foil off.  Here are my questions:  If I use the 2 hour per pound rule, how long should I leave it uncovered before I foil it and should I use only dry chips or should I wet them slightly or alternate? 


Any help is greatly appreciated as I really want it to turn out perfect! 

Thanks to all!drool.gif

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Thread Starter's not 12.5 pounds, it's 6.5. 

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I don't foil mine any longer but when I did it was at 160-165*, if you are pulling it, continue in the smoker until internal temp of 205*.


Here's a sticky on doing a basic pulled pork smoke:


Don't forget the q-view!

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Hi Fl Girl! First I moved your thread to the Pork forum where it will get more response for the topic. Now on to the butt, are you familiar with the "stall"? It's really hard to say when it will be ready to foil. The only way to really tell is by the internal temperature (IT) of the meat, you will need a good thermometer for that. Most people foil when the IT hits 160*-165* and then continue cooking until the IT reaches 205*. As far as the chips, I don't soak mine, I think it just delays the smoking action because they have to dry out before they will start smoldering.

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I also smoke mine in a pan. Foil around the 160 /170 IT.
If you want more bark don't foil . Takes longer .
Just did two 7 lbs butts took 15 hours to hit 205.
Chef Jimmy has a great "foiling sauce" to use when you foil it .
Will post a link to it when i find it.
I defat the juice then pour it back over the pulled pork.
Or save it to make gravy.
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Thanks so much.  That was very helpful.  Can't wait to get it started!

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One more question...

How often do I put the chips in?  I can put in about a cup at a time.


Fl girl

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Loved the sticky.  Very helpful stuff.  Thanks a bunch!

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+1 for the finishing sauce

+1 for cooking to temp not time


You're beating me to the punch using your MES for the first time but I hear that it burns through chips pretty quick.


For your first smoke I'd limit the amount of chips you put in though.


That chunk of meat is going to take some time so don't get discouraged that it's not getting up to temp right away.


Lastly take pictures (aka QView) and post them to the forum in a new post.  We love Q pron.

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