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There have been several to ask me what "Brand" of BBQ Sauce I like...Truthfully,'NONE'.


I have a basic little Sauce I do up for the less informed , it is only 6 ingredients and pleases everyone . I change it to suit my(and friends) taste , mild , medium (add Red Pepper Flakes and Hot (add Ceyenne or Chipolte or Habernero Powder ) . Sweet and mellow , I call it Stan's Texas Table Sauce drool.gif.


This is all I provide to guest, they don't like it , they bring thier own...


Stan's Texas Table Sauce


64oz. -cheap ketchup

2 cups - firmly packed Brown sugar

1 cup - melted Butter (real)

1/4 cup -Liquid Smoke (don't laugh or turn your nose up-yet)

2tbls. -Worchestershire Sauce

1/4 cup -Fresh Lemon


Slowly melt Butter , Sugar ,Smoke , Worchestershire and Lemon Juice in a pan that will hold a gal.


When liquids are blended, add Ketchup and mix served ay room temp.


Enjoy and tell me what you think...


Have fun and...

I was shown this BBQ sauce recipe  by a friend and have been making it for over 50 years now. Like you say you can make many variations, depending on how hot you want it and for those that want to try it, believe it or not the cheap ketchup actually works better.

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Does anyone have recipe for making hickory smoke powder?
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