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Minion method and Brisket # 2

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OK, so I decided to try the minion method in my Chargriller Pro SFB, after seeing an explaination of it on this fine site!! I have only had about 4 smokes so far, but I am addicted...and everything seems to turn out great, so family is happy! However, I can't seem to keep a satble temp for more then 30 minutes...alot of baby sitting over 6-8 hrs..any way, marinated the brisket for 15 hrs, and she's on!


Preparing the SFB for the Minion:


Minion and Brisket #2 002.jpg



Poured in the Coals


Minion and Brisket #2 003.jpg


Isn't she a beauty??


Minion and Brisket #2 004.jpg


AHH....Time for a cold one and wait.....


Minion and Brisket #2 001.jpg


More to Come.....

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Austinsmoke, morning....  Everything looks good.....   How did it go ???.... Did you have any luck with the minion method ???....  Dave

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Dave - everything came out great...I like the minion method. I got about four hours of consistant temps before I had to start fussing with it. Tryiing it today with Wickedgood Lump charcoal insytead of the Hardwood Brisket again...sure hit with comapny over!  what has been your experience with minion?



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Tom, morning....  Glad it all turned out well for you....  I have no experience with the minion method... I have only read about it..  sounds like a great addition to cooking with charcoal....  

I use charcoal for steaks and burgers on the Weber "very small" 13" grill, and the MES 30 for smoking stuff.... The charcoal gives such great flavor to steaks and burgers.....  Dave

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