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I have a Maverick ET-732 and I love it.  I was wondering if anyone has played with one of these though as I am looking for something for multiple probe support.  I was looking though and it seems this only supports two probes so most likely I could use the Maverick the same way since this doesn't have a grill probe position.


And now that I realize that that previous question seems more like an incoherent ramble.  I have two things I am trying to figure out.


One. anyone have reviews on the iGrill device and how it works for smoking.


Second.  Does anyone know if the Maverick would have an issue if I used both ports on one for monitoring the temp in the cooker or use both for monitoring the temp the meats.   



Any thoughts or suggestions?







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Any probe can be used in any place... you just  have to remember which one is placed where. I have two units, I just labeled one unit #1 and the other #2, I can place probes in the meat or in the chamber, I just make a mental note of which probe is doing what.


Me personally .... well I'm just old enough to wan't to NOT have an app for that... lol. But that's just me. biggrin.gif

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I fall into the technophile category so having something on my iPad while I am working in the kitchen listening to pandora stream through it and looking at my recipes on the Kindle app makes some sense to me.  At the same time I do like just looking at the maverick and I might just do what you are suggesting because I don't know if the iGrill app would be able to support multiple transmitters.


Will have to see.  I need to get a couple more Mavericks so I can check temps on top racks and both bottom racks.  I haven't ever really gotten a good read and track on what the temp offset is on the smoker once it gets a good bed of coals inside of the fire box. 

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Gosh, I'd hate it if I got a call from my doctor and it texted him my grill temp; I think he'd send an ambulance! yahoo.gif

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