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For all the La/Miss smokers!

 IGA grocers have Trimmed spares on sale this week for $1.99 lb.

 Picked up 8 racks yesterday .Nice looking ribs.

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Dang - and I was excited that the local Albertson's had BBR's at $2.99

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I see my local Walmart has them on sale for $1.99lb  this week as well. I'll have to go check them out and see if they look any good.

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Hmmmmm. , Sam's is still the cgeapest here , ( if you buy a case - $1.86 /lb.) . Three packages in a case , with 3 Spares in each 'Cryo-pak'. They are not the Danish Ribs often found on sale...

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these are not the danish ribs either rel nice fresh st louis trimmed spares. Went to pick up a few more racks and found tri tip for $2.49 lb . got 2 of those too.

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