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this was a  great fast and easy recipe that everyone in the family enjoyed, it went perfectly with our home made beef stew!


Thanks for sharing it with us

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Wow, what  a great post. One super good read, and I loved the photos. I also really like fry bread, have never made it myself but have eaten it . I will be making some now. Thanks CF

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BC - glad you liked it!


Farmer - it's easy as can be, might as well give it a shot!

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I finally made this the other day and though my dough keeps coming out with everything as really wet and sticky this with a little coaxing come out really well.  It even passed the wife test.  She enjoyed it which almost shocked me, she is quite picky and doesn't always like trying something new.

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hey, nick - glad you liked it, and also that the wife enjoyed it! happy wife, happy life, they say ~


the problem you encountered should be able to be corrected with a little tweaking, adding a little flour a little at a time if too wet, and a little water a teaspoon at a time if too dry ~ you'll "know" when it's right - neither dry nor wet, not sticky, smooth and elastic.


having said that, fry bread is VERY forgiving, and there is a lot of wiggle room, so even if it isn't perfect, it will most likely turn out good ~ 439.gif

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Yeah I noticed it was forgiving which I was appreciative of.  I also used bacon lard to cook it in.  Talk about some awesome flavor.  I am working on my baking and bread skills and it all has been a little to wet.  Not to worry though I am pretty happy with the fry bread and now I am looking at how I can experiment with it.

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We love those around here. But around here they are called Oof-ta Taco's

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My mom just took Pillsbury biscuits and pulled to resemble doughnut, put in grease and shook on brown sug and cinnaman. Great! Someone said that was indian bread. Dont look like it from this thread.

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