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Crawfish Boil...Now with Pics!..."Laissez les bon temps rouller" - Page 2

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Here is a link to a post on how cooked them ..... If any has any questions feel free to ask .....ShoneyBoy.....

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that looks great! Take advantage of where you live!

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Zatirans is good stuff but it is EXTREMLY salty. Make sure and adjust your salt accordingly

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Originally Posted by eman View Post

Zatirans is good stuff but it is EXTREMLY salty. Make sure and adjust your salt accordingly


I don't usually use much of the powder. I used 2 big serving spoons along with the ¼ of a bottle of the  liquid and about 1 spoon of salt....I like to season the water to where I can taste just a little salt and enough pepper to where it burns the back of my throat just a little ......I cook my peanuts this way too….MMMmmmm!!!!

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One More Day!!!nana2.gif...JJ

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JJ, Don't forget ......worthless.gif!!!!!!!!! ROTF.gif

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Got so impatient waiting for pictures of Chef JJs birthday they went & tied us up!IMG_0202.JPG

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Moikel, Man them crabs look mean, but I bet they are tasty. How are you going to cook them???

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They are mean & expensive! Our Asian community are mad about them so prices are hot & they cant be exported.These are mudcrabs ,I just took a photo at the market while I was buying salmon for my first lox try out.I thought it might interest forum guys who hadnt seen them

They live in mangroves in tidal estuaries in burrows in the mud,caught in traps,extra sturdy traps.They are a tropical thing mostly but there is a sprinkling all the way down to Sydney.

In our Northern Tropics there is a commercial fishery but there is always the crocodile situation to deal with,no joke. I think non pros  are allowed  5 traps per person & there is a bag limit.

They are tasty,I might do a Singapore chilli crab one day,for the forum.

Are we there yet Chef JJ?biggrin.gif

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No offence to Chef JJ and I know he is probably still celebrating his B-day, but worthless.gif....LOL

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IMG_0199.JPGWe marron( freshwater crayfish) are waiting too.Season ending now,none in winter.

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Ok...I was waiting because I needed to contact the Louisiana Crawfish Company before I posted and gave a review...The Crawfish arrived on Saturday, as scheduled, at 11AM. The Cooler had 10 Lbs of Select Crawfish, 2 lbs of Boil Seasoning, Beads, Bibs, Hot Sauce and Creole Seasoning. I had also ordered 5 Lbs of 12-15 Head-on Shrimp. I had called the Store to see if they were IQFrozen because I only wanted to cook 2 Lbs an save the rest for another Day. I was told Yes they are Frozen...Well somebody thought Frozen Shrimp would make a good Ice Pack because they were on top of the Crawfish, then 1Lb of Andouille Sausage, 1Lb small Gator Boudin Sausage, then the, I assume, Frozen Gel Packs. wtf1.gifAll was cold but I had 5Lbs of Defrosted Shrimp! I called the Company to inquire and was told," Just refreeze them... " jaw-dropping.gif Seriously!?! If you want MUSH the next time you use them you can refreeze...I'm now skeptical about the how all will be. Ok, I and my oldest Cheffie daughter Casey proceeded with the plan. Crawfish were Iced then all ingredient and Sauces prepared. Made Cocktail Sauce for Steamed Shrimp, Remy Seafood Dip, no not the Brandy, but a tasty and simple version of Remolade Sauce for dipping Crawfish and Shrimp and the fixin's for Shrimp Scampi with some Steamed Rice. Then I adapted my recipe for Louisiana BBQ Shrimp, thanks Eman for the inspiration, to include the bulk of the ingredients as a Marinade for the Shrimp. All that is needed is to take the whole deal to the stove and Saute in a bit of Butter until almost cooked then Swirl in a Butt Load more to thicken and finish the sauce. Totally Awesome with a Salad and a some French Bread for soaking up the TASTY Butter Sauce...It ain't Diet food but...Hot Damn it's Good!!!


The Crawfish soaked in some Salt water to purge, they were not happy, then rinsed 3 more times until the soak water ran clear and all the vegetation and dead bugs floated to the top for removal. The Company Guarantees Live Delivery and I give them huge Kudos because of 10Lbs we had a total of " 6 " dead ones!thumb1.gif Next let the cooking begin, Steamed off 1Lb Shrimp for Cocktail then started the Crawfish. Since I only had a 12" 20 Qt Pot I had to do the seasoning of the Boil and side Veggies separately from the Bugs. Brought 1-1/2 Gallon of water to a boil, added 3/4's of a 1Lb pack of Seafood Boil along with 2 Lrg Onions, halved, 4 Ribs of Celery and a 1/2LB of Baby Carrots. I let this boil for 10 minutes then added 2Lbs " C " size (Baby) Red Potatoes and 1Lb White Mushrooms, I let this boil for 10 more minutes. Now add the Sausages and 6ea Ears of Corn, halved, and boiled until the Taters were tender then all went into the Cooler to wait on the Crawfish. The rest of the Seafood Boil went in the Pot with another Qt of Water and brought back to a boil. I dumped in the Crawfish, waited until the water came back to a boil and timed it for " 3 " minutes, then I added 1Lb of Shrimp to the Crawfish and gave it a good stir. I waited 1 minute then dumped about 2 Lbs of Ice on top and stirred again, covered and rested 15 minutes before they went in the Cooler to wait on the rest of the meal. The rice was made, 1Lb of Shrimp was made into Scampi, the Mrs. not crazy 'bout Spicy stuff, and the 2Lbs of BBQ Shrimp was Fired.


I know...Shut-Up and get with the QView!!!

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The Crawfish...







Seasoned the Pot and added the Taters and Shrooms...








The Crawfish and 1LB Shrimp...




The Tables Set...Bring 'em On!!!




'Cause Lurking Bears like Crawfish too!...The Orange Balls on the Left are some of the Boudin...




The Fat Man is a HAPPY CAMPER!!!  Crawdad's and Andouille...





Some of my Kids...The Baby, Melissa on the left and Cheffie daughter #2, Amanda, on the right...Casey was taking Pics and nobody got a Pic of her...hit.gif

There is the Scampi in front of the girls and the BBQ Shrimp in front of that....




It ain't a Party without my #1 Fan and Casey's best Bud...Erica!....





Melissa Goofing around...





I had to find a Pic of Cheffie daughter #1, Casey....




I hope you enjoyed the Pics...Recipes and the Final word to follow...JJ

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Looks great!

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Looks like quite the feast. Was Bev just looking the other way or dodging the camera? 

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 Special thanks rolls out to, Eman, Alblancher, Shoneyboy and Gavin Guidry. Thank You for your Advice. The Crawfish were Fabulous as well as the Veggies and Sausage...BUT...The Shrimp were HORRIBLE!!! They where completely inedible. They were so Mushy that no one could eat them. If it was one preparation that was bad I would say, maybe I messed up, but since I have cooked Thousands of Pounds of Shrimp in the last 35 years... I KNOW it wasn't my cookin'. The most likely reason was Temperature Abuse. Whether the Shrimp were received fresh and were Frozen in a regular walk-in Freezer, relatively high temp -10 to-20*F or they came off the boat Individually Quick Frozen, -40*F or lower, they had to have Thawed then were Re-Frozen on site and before shipping. The thawing and re-freezing of Shrimp, or any Seafood, causes Large Ice Crystals to form and cut through the meat like a Butcher's Cuber, it virtually shreds the Shrimp. When they are eventually thawed a second time and Cooked the final product is Mushy! I was Very Disappointed! I waited until today to post because I wanted to give the Louisiana Crawfish Company a chance to Make It Right before I told all of you what happened...I am happy to say that a call to the LCC resulted in a nice Lady apologizing and offering a refund without hesitation. We will see what happens, but at this point I would recommend the Louisiana Crawfish Company overall and had a great Birthday Party!...Hope Y'all enjoy seeing it too!...JJ



Shrimp Scampi


1Lb Shrimp, peeled

1T Minced Garlic

2T Minced Fresh Parsley

1tsp Minced Fr. Thyme leaves

1/2tsp Blk Pepper

1stk Butter

1pinch Red Pepper Flakes

Salt to taste


Heat the butter and add all but the Shrimp. When the Garlic is fragrant and soft, careful not to burn, add the Shrimp.

Turn the heat to high and Saute until done. Serve over Pasta or Rice...


Louisiana BBQ Shrimp


1Lb Shrimp, in the Shell if your hardcore!

1/4C Chopped Parsley

1T Fresh Thyme leaves

1T Smoked Paprika

1-2tsp Cajun Seasoning, I use my Bubba Q Rub

2T Minced Garlic

1/2C White Wine

1T Lemon Juice

1T Honey

2-3tsp Worcestershire

Couple Shots Hot Sauce

1stk Butter, divided

1/4C Chopped Scallions


Place all but the Butter and Scallions in a Zip-top Bag and Marinate up to 4 hours. Beyond that the Lemon will start to cook the shrimp and the final out come may be mushy.

Heat 2Tbs of the Butter in a pan until hot and dump the Shrimp and Marinade in the pan. Saute until all most done, reduce heat to medium and begin swirling in the remaining Butter, 2Tbs at a time until all incorporated and slightly thickened. Do Not Boil or you will get a sauce with a butter slick floating on top.

Top with Scallions and Serve with French Bread...YUM!!!!!


Cocktail Sauce


1C Ketchup

1-2T Prepared Horseradish

1/2tsp Gran. Garlic

1tsp Lemon Juice

1tsp Worcestershire

Hot Sauce to taste


Remy Seafood Dip


1-1/4C Mayo

2T Coarse Mustard

2T Ketchup

1T Pickle Relish

1-2tsp Cajun Seasoning, I use Bubba Q Rub

2-3tsp Horseradish

1tsp Worcestershire

1tsp Lemon Juice

Hot Sauce to taste


Combine all and let rest 1 hour at room temp before service.

Refrigerate remaining. Good for Seafood Salad or as a Sandwich Spread too...JJ

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Looks like quite the feast. Was Bev just looking the other way or dodging the camera? 

 I didn't even notice...I think she is being Shy...JJ

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Glad every one enjoyed the feast !!

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Absolutely...You Louisiana boys know how to have a good Feed!...JJ

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Great pictures and recipes JJ, glad to see that you had a good time. Thanks for the post....ShoneyBoy

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