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Question on Plum wood

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I just picked up some small branches from a plum tree. I found out that it was an ornamental tree and that the fruit is about the size of grapes. My question is: Is this type good for smoking and if so should, I remove the bark?   I would also like to know if Mulberry wood would be useable for smoking?  I also have received some Concord Grape Vine cuttings - how well will this work for smoking?  Jon

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I've used plum for smoking and grilling a lot. Don't know about Mulberry.

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Plum, Mulberry and Grape Vines are all good for smoking


Grape Vines will give a kind of tart smell to the smoke


Don't throw them out!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I like using plum wood. I didn't remove the bark on mine.

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