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Hello from Brian57

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Hi peeps just a word from a newbie I am looking for a gas water smoker but I live in Wigan Lancashire in good old UK and I am finding it hard to find a supplier in the UK and the shipping price from the USA is roughly 3 time more than the price of the smoker which makes it far too expensive. If there is anybody in the UK who could put me in touch with a supplier in England please message me. I have made a smoker out of an incinerator bin and although it does work it takes twice as long to smoke things  as it should but having said that it does work, I used a single electric hob and a foil food tray for the wood chips. There is not enough room in the bin to use a water pan. That’s it for now I hope there are people out there who can help

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Hello Brian and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here 



Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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Welcome..................welcome1.gif You really don't need a water pan. Many don't use one...You may check out the ugly drum smokers and make one...Here is the link from our site..

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Welcome from Ohio.


The UDS is a good choice , are 55gal. barrels available ? That and a good Hardware Shop will get you going , and in U.S. $50.00 is an average cost of parts.


Have fun , research the link Randy gave you and...

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