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First Time Jerky Sticks

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I am going to make for my first time the jerky sticks in my MES 30 with the Jerky Gun. I have a couple questions. First I have done strip jerky before and came out great. but for sticks:


1. Difference in using or not using casings for sticks. Does it matter

2. How many pounds per rack will my MES take.

3. Do you rotate the racks half way through drying process.

4. is the venison to pork ratio still 80/20.

5. Any other pointers?


Please let me know before tomorrow. I am preparing my meat tomorrow night to smoke saturday and sunday. Thanks

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Golson, morning.... Due to the heat difference in the MES, I would rotate the racks 180 deg.... 

Without casings, I would use Frog Mats or screens like this available a W-Mart....  spray with oil first and heat to cure like you would a cast iron pan....  These are skinless sticks I made with granddaughters help....    Dave



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