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Sam3 Just read your thread on making Italain sausage. I'm going to try and make my own Italian sweet sausage. How was the TSM seasoning? I was thinking for sweet sausage salt-black pepper and fennel seeds. Just need a starting for point for  5lbs.

Any tips/hints for a newbee sausage maker. I'm thinking 5 lbs at a time, for starters. Looking at LEM grinders, geting ready to make a purchase.


Thanks Dan

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Dan, The LEM is a good grinder and stuffer. Look at it as an investment you'll have forever. I bought the #1112 vertical stuffer being I do 10+lbs at a time. I also bought the #22 grinder. Grinding Venison is a breeeeze!


The TSM is a good mix to start with. I use 29-32mm hog casings for fresh sausage.

Check your inbox, I just sent over a recipe.

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Hi Sam I went with TSM meat grinder. I couldn't see paying $150.00 for the Lem, when I'm only doing small 5 lb batches sausages.


The problem with the TSM it doesn't come with a Kidney/stuffing plate, I sent an E-mail to Co. where I ordered it from and here is their reply:

No, it does not come with a spacer, but you would put in the largest grinding plate in and stuff with that.


The largest grinding plate is 5/16, so then I would have ground the meat twice, that is a bummer, cause I like coarse sausage.


Thanks Dan

PS My tomato plants look great, so far.

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Hi My first time making sausage, I tried to use the 5/16 largest grinding plate to stuff with, was MAJOR "PIA".The grinder did not come with either a spacer or a kidney plate for stuffing.

 I cut the Kubbe part which I was NEVER going to use(read about IT on the net), worked wonders. The meat just flowed out of the grinder.

Dan the sausage manyahoo.gif


                                   Sweet Italian sausage with green peppers & white onions


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HI All Here is a pic of the Tomato garden after 1 month.I'm going to have to extend the stakes some how...drool.gif

So far best looking plants I've seen in aloooong time...



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Hi All New pics of my tomato garden.. Things are going good after the leaf curl scare..One of my better crop of tomatoes in awhile, making the neighbors very happy.. Plants are way over grown, need taller and stronger stakes for next year.


Thanks Dan




PS The fence is 6' tall.

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Looks great!
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I can't wait till I can have an actual garden. Looks good.


Big Lew BBQ

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