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Hey from kS

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New guy here.  Missourian stuck in kS (I love my wife...I love my wife...).


I have three smokers.  Some sort of kitchen appliance welded to a trailer frame with a smoke box underneath.  Lifted if from some old guy who retired from the bbq circuit for $200.  Probably holds 15 packer briskets in it.  It came with a mobile metal box that I have yet to clean and use, it probably holds 6 or 7.  Then of course what I started on years ago, the generic large Walmart side box special by Charbroil (just a grill now, haven't smoked on it since I got the trailer). 


Love smoking, love visiting here for pointers.  Love cookin' for all my friends and family.


And yes, the avatar is me live in concert (big metal freak, spent a little time on stage in the last few years).


Thanks all. 

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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here - love to see a pic of that smoker 

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welcome1.gif TO SMF

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Hey!..................welcome1.gif............glad  you are here with us........biggrin.gif

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