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What to do with Pulled Pork besides sandwiches?

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doing pulled pork for a party on saturday but im bored of just putting out a pile of buns and letting people make sandwiches.


saw this recipe for pancakes with pulled pork and jack daniels syrup.  so thats a possibility but im wonder if you all have any other ideas?

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Tacos,burritos, enchiladas. Pulled pork Salad

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it goes real well with sauerkraut. OTTO
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Nachos, tamales, ABT"S, or just send it to me!!

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Pig in a Potato Patch! Stuff it in a baked (smoked) potato and top with a bunch of cheese.

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pulled pork pizza, along with all the above

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anything you would put meat in or on!

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I like to heat up some pulled pork and use it in omlets. I also use pulled pork in place of the ham in a Chef's Salad.

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 Redneck Sushi, Pot Stickers, Cubano's ( one of my favs ) or Pulled Pork Parfait...JJ

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Originally Posted by irie View Post

X2 Here some i did few months ago .
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stuffed bell pepper's with long grain and wild rice along with some shredded cheese.

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Lots of folks make pizza with it 

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When I do my pulled pork for the freezer, I buy the 2 pack, then use a regular BBQ rub on one of them, and the other I rub with a home blend taco seasoning.  The one with taco seasoning gets labeled as such, and makes the best tacos, burritos....etc.


If you want to put out something different, try taco seasoning and set it up with all the fixin's for taco's. 

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Deep fried mash potato balls stuffed with PP & a chunk of sharp cheddar.. Mmm

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I always look forward to pulled or chopped leftover bbq meat for breakfast tacos when I get up for work.

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I saw the pulled pork pancakes on TV also. Looks awesome!

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Chili verde!!!

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thumb1.gif Great ideas! I dont have any different or unique ideas, but I sure will be using some of these myself!!

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