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My new vice!

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Hi all-


I am in the Denver area.  New to smoking.  Purchasing a smoker was actually brought up as a suggestion for work (fire station) and in doing the research on which smoker to purchase, I wound up buying a second one for home.  So far, so good, with only a few problems that can be chalked up to A) being new to smoking and B) being a bit too much of a man and refusing to read directions first......


Went with two MES 30 inch electric smokers for a couple of reasons.

1.  Being in a fire station, the electric smoker with digital thermometer and timer allows us to be gone on calls without having to stoke the coals and monitor the temperatures, not to mention the shut off timer.  Additionally, if the temp is regulated, we don't have to worry too much about burning down a fire station, which would be HUGE irony for the media.....


2.  Being new to smoking, having the convenience of the digital thermometer allows us greater precision without the pre-requisite smoking abilities.  Successfully smoking with charcoal seems to be a bit of an art form.  Firefighters aren't known for their patience.....


That being said, our first several experiments have been big successes, and I will be on the forum plenty seeking tips, tricks, and recipes.  Happy smoking!!!

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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location -

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Welcome...welcome1.gif.A smoker at the fire station is a great idea. You can only wax the trucks and play pool so long before you get hungry....439.gif


Yeah, burning down the fire station would not be a good thing. That would make the national  news...wife.gif

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Welcome to the forum. This smoking thing is a blast! I have some bacon wrapped chicken in right now that I'm trying for the first time. I work on 2  Vol fire depts here in the area and Whiteman AFB has an airshow this weekend so hopefully we can stay call free and enjoy my experiment!

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Welcome aboard, and a big thank you to you and all first responders!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Originally Posted by Venture View Post

Welcome aboard, and a big thank you to you and all first responders!


Good luck and good smoking.



Welcome, and enjoy!  Denver is beautiful, and we love visiting.  Nice country.  Thanks for your service to the community.

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