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Just getting ready to start a smoker project similar to what you have here and really liked your final product.  Did you put in an air intake for this this or just exhaust.  Looking at store bought models, they all seem to have just an exhaust and I assume that must work fine.

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i have several intakes. i have one hole almost directly below the heating element, about 1.5" in diameter, and another intake on the side that is also about 1.5" in diameter. The one directly below the heating element is always open, and i have yet to open the other intake. i've never tried to plug the bottom hole, and am not sure if it would change things much. all i know for sure is that it works extremely well when smoking jerky!


my main problem that i have found overall is the temperatures that i am able to reach using my 1500W smoker element i got off cabelas. I am only able to get up to about 275 in the winter (30-40*), and it takes me over 3 hours to get there. I've been slowly looking to upgrade to a larger element, but want to stay away from the 220v elements that i see are popular. i've even thought about purchasing another 1500W element and stacking it on top of the original one, but am not sure if that would get me higher temperatures, or if it would just increase the rate that the temperatures increase..... any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!


Happy Smoking!

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Thanks, thats all good to know.  I'll be sure to do some research on that element before I get to that point.  If I come up with anything helpful I'll be sure to pass it along.  I'll probably start a new thread this weekend.

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I have a 2" exhaust and and 1" intake gatevalve. No problems. I also use a 650 watt element that gets to cooking temp in 15-20 minutes or so and recovers quickly whwn door is opened. I completely remove the racks of meat, one at a time to wrap and stuff and shut door immediatly after rack is removed. That limits me to about a 10-15 degree heat loss that recovera quickly. I heavily insulated mine and have had it to just under 500 degrees internal and couldn't feel a thing on the outside walls.
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