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first brisket new brinkman smoker

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Just got my new brinkman smoker delivered, so i wanted to run a brisket through it. I coated the brisket in mustard before adding a rub of salt, pepper, paprika, celery seed, and brown sugar.... sealed it up in plastic and put it in the frige for about 12 hours.brisket2.JPG



I smoked it @ between 225/250 for approx 11 hours which is a bit longer than anticipated for a 7 lb brisket. I had 3 plateaus.. one at 135, one at 169, and one at 177.... never have I had a plateau at such a low temp (135).... anyone ever see something like this?


after smoking i removed the point chopped it up and added it to my baked beans which sat under the brisket the last 3 hours or so.brisket1.JPG






served it with some cole slaw, mac and cheese, and some home made BBQ sauce.


up next week.... 4 pork shoulders.

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Nice smoke ring!  Brisket looks great!!

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That could bring a tear to an onion! icon14.gif

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looks good. nice ring. i have heard that mustard is good on these but i just cant bring myself to go that route. i HATE mustard. ive been told you cant taste it after smoking either. but i despise it so bad i cant even try as im afraid i wouldnt be able to eat but the after pics look great.

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