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I smoked a tri-tip for the first time last night.  It was incredible.  This has always been one of my favorite cuts of meat to put on the grill, but I have never tried to smoke one before. I am fairly new to smoking and very new to this forum.  I am trying to figure it out, hope I am in the right place.  Cut and ready to eat 2.JPG

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Your Tritip looks like it came out great 


On the location issue - you should have posted it in Beef - not a big thing but this thread is for issues folks have with the site - I flagged the post for a moderator to move it for you 



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Thanks for the assist.  I am still learning the forum set.  I never participated in one before.  Again I appreciate the assitance. 

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Looks great !!!

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Nice job looks great!!!

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Tasty lookin TriTip. 


I like em grilled, but some smoke couldn't hurt

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Nice job. That looks great. Looks like you smoked/cooked it nicely. Did you let it rest foiled or a covered container for 5-10 minutes?  Looks like you hit the IT perfectly for medium and it looks juicy! 


I'm new to tri-tips but I had some SMF help and made pastrami and grilled one with some caper cream sauce that was amazing. That TT you smoked with this caper cream sauce..if you like capers, you gotta try it. 


CC sauce

Scroll down the to bottom of Red Dog's thread, I posted a starter recipe there. Adapt to your own, but it's really really good, if you like capers..





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Looks perfectly done! 

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Looks great - and welcome to SMF

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Thanks, I will definately give the caper sauce a try.  Love capers. 

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