2nd Smoke = Success

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Been a member for years but have not posted in a long time. It's good to be back.


This was the second time out for the MES. The first smoke went wrong from the get go, my fault for not researching like I should, I figured out my problem, The temp is way off on the digital display, alsmost 40°. My secondary digital thermometer was broken to verify accuracy of the stock model. I may have to call Masterbuilt for that big an error. I had some time so I did a few of the easy mods (tile baffle, stack, and centering hole for discharge). Anyway the second smoke went really well, now that I can gauge my temps, I did 3 meatloaves, and I will have to say it could be the best meatloaf I've ever had. Need to do some refining on the receipe though. Thought I would provide a little Q-view.


photo (2).JPG



Couldn't stand the wait some I pulled the small one and plated it up.


photo (1).JPG


Pulled the other two for sandwiches this next week.



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Oouuuhhhhh... meatloaf sandwiches, delicious!  Great Q!

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Good looking meatloaf!  Where's our recipe? 

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Just noticed that you live in Liberty Township, OH. I drive through a Liberty Township every day on the way to work. Do you live close to West Chester, OH?

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TMW, glad you are back.....   Meat loaf...... One of the most underrated, delicious concoctions there is.....  Dave loves ML.....  Great job......

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Looks like an Amish meatloaf, sure looks good!

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drool.gif   recipe   police2.gif

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The receipe, it would be my pleasure.


3lb ground round

1lb ground pork

2 onion diced

1 green bell pepper diced

1/2 red bell pepper diced

1 Jalepeno pepper diced

2 cloves garlic minced

1 cup Italian Bread Crumb

1 cup Bourbon BBQ sauce

3 eggs

1 tbsp general purpose rub


Saute onion, peppers, and garlic till softened, then let cool. Then go animal and mix all ingredients well, and place into smoke proof loaf pan. Pour a little BBQ sauce down the center of the loaf and place into smoker. I removed from loaf pan at about 45 min so that loaf was set, then smoked till 155 IT.


I used Hickory chips, and no water pan. I thought there would be too much moisture. 

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Whistlepig, I do live near West Chester, basically between Middletown and Hamilton. Glad to meet a fellow Buckeye.

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How did you test to confirm the thermos was off by 40 degrees? And how did you keep the inside of the smoker so clean after the first smoke? I washed my racks in the dishwasher after my 2nd smoke but your smoker looks a lot cleaner than mine. I also didn't wipe down the interior because other guys say the smoky film seasons it.


I am drooling over your meatloaf recipe and pics.

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On the second smoke I had 2 other temp sensors which I made a comparison. Today I smoked some California Yellowtail and before starting I probed an ice bath and hot water with my themometer and the MES meat probe both read within 3° at high and low. Without removing the back of the MES I dont think you can make the same comparison. I was reading 205 on MES temp vs 170/174 on the other two.


About the clean interior, on the first smoke I dont control the chip tray as I should and didnt get the smoke I wanted. I learned early with my CGSP that too much smoke can ruin food, so I was erring on the safe side.