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Brisket smoking now. Q view

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This is my first brisket on my new to me bar-b-chef offset smoker. And first time using my bbq guru competitor on it. I rubbed it last night with mustard and a store bought rub. Its 9#'s. Started it going a little over 2 hours ago and everything is going smooth. I plan on foiling it and putting in a cooler wrapped in a towel when its up to temp. ( havent tried this method yet) this is also the first time using the charcoal box i made.
Wish me luck. More pics to come.c6e4c89c-d2ec-bff5.jpg
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3 hours in the guru says IT is 130
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8.5 hours in. IT holding around 155. Looking good so far. Sorry for the dark picture.
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looks very nice

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IT was about 175 so i foiled it and put it back on the smoker. temp seems to rising slowly. i have the cooler and towels ready for it. i'll post more pics in the morning once i unwrap and slice into it.

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All done. About 15 hours on the smoker then about 4 hours wrapped in towels in the cooler. Turned out amazing Thanks to all the info here on smf.
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Great job Piglet, the bark looks awesome kewl.gif

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that's what I'm screaming... whats wrong with that ??? GREAT JOB...
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