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Pork shoulder help

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Can someone tell me why I've had a pork shoulder on for 7.5 hours and its only at 142 internal temp? Was smoking at 225 whole time with propane. Is it the smoke? Me? 4.68 lbs
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Just wait it will go up.  It's just stalled,  just give it some time

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Your about halfway there, welcome to the world of low and SLOW.

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Really? I thought the old rile was 1.5 hour per lb? Thanks guys
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Thats just a guide not a accurate measure. I would hope you have a probe in by now. Go by the IT not time!

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Mine usually average at least 2 hours per lb.  taking the stall in to account.  If it sits there at the same temp for more than 2 hours, wrap it in HD foil and that will get it going again.  After foiling, it takes about another hour and then keep an eye on it because the temp will start climbing kind of fast.  It will definitely get you out of the stall but you sacrifice the the bark if you leave it in the foil too long but talk about tender fall apart pork!!! Absolutely awesome!!!!


Good luck and post some pics!

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You cannot worry about hitting the stall.  The temp is differeant everytime, just keep checking and let the meat do its thing.



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