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sausage smoke

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Hi all' smoking some hot italian sausage today and wanted to know the cooking time on the links also I have some baby backs 2 and a half pounds and wanted to know if 4 hours is enough thanks
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For the sausage it really depends on the chamber temps and if it is a fresh or cured sausage.


The baby backs are close at 4 hours .  Some will do them 2 hrs on the smoke 1 hr in foil and another hr back on the smoke or maybe even  2 - 1 1/2 -1/2  Just keep your eye on them  when the pull back nice from the bone while foiled they are ready to be finished off.


Hope this helps

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Thanks for the quick reply, I also hava three and three quarter lb. Butt on I timed it for 6 hours but gave it time for 7 at 225 degrees to 250 is that about right also I put it on at 10 to serve my guest at 5
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