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What?!! Another Pacific Northwest Smoker....

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Hey guys!  I've been lurking and reading posts, here, for quite some time.  Decided I should say, hello!  Although, the Northwest is a great place, it's missing one big thing.  Good BBQ.  I was born and raised on BBQ in the South....Carolina's, Virginia, Florida, etc.  These folk think grillin' is BBQ......silly Birkenstock crowd...:)  Anyways, I'm also in Port Orchard, like DaMaxx, and thought I'd join the other smoker's here.  This is a great site and I've already learned a lot.  I'm looking forward to many good smokes with you folks.



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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here 

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Welcome aboard neighbor.  Nice neighborhood you live in.  As you've probably noticed, this is a great place to learn some new things.



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