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Two Butts for the Kids' Birthday

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Hello all. 


I haven't been on for a while and haven't smoked anything in at almost a year! icon_eek.gif Life got in the way a little bit, but am looking forward to smoking some tasty goodness all summer. 


It is a drizzly, chilly evening here in Denver, but I am determined to not let that spoil our festivities tomorrow. I picked up some beautiful shoulders (grass-fed, natural) meat at my local butcher. They rang in somewhere between 8.5 and 10 pounds (sorry, I don't recall the exact weight).


Nonetheless, I came home from work and fired up my trusty Master Flame vertical gasser. I gently bathed the mix of pecan, sugar maple and apple and in the chips went. I love the sizzle when the chips hit the fire box.


For the butts, I use a heavily modified sweet n smoky rub from Steve Raichlen. I get all my spices freshly ground from the Savory Spice Shop here in town. 


After the counter top knocked the chill off the butts, I got them on at about 8:30pm Mountain, right after I saw the TBS!


Stay tuned....Q-View to come....

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popcorn.gif I'll be watching biggrin.gif  meanwhile...

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Originally Posted by oldschoolbbq View Post

popcorn.gif  I'll be watching biggrin.gif   meanwhile...
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Well, they came off the smoker just shy of 4:30am. 165 degrees. I put them in a pan with foil in the oven at 225 to finish them off to 195.

Funny thing was that I never noticed any stall. These were the first butts where I never saw one.

Party is not until 2pm. I honestly thought they would take longer to get to this point. Maybe they weren't as big as I thought! Oh well, better early than late.

Q-view to come........tomorrow after I get some sleep!

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I ran into the same thing last night. I started at 2am expecting them to take 8-10 hours and 4 hours in they are ready to be foiled.
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well dont foil....

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