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Old vertical charcoal smoker help please!

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I recently found and inherited an old vertical charcoal smoker from my grandparents garage.  I tried it out for the first time last night and it's left some questions:


From reading this forum, I had it set up right (charcoal and wood at bottom, water pan (with beer and cider) above that and the brisket on the rack at top.  There is no thermometer attached to this one so I used an oven thermometer that registered around 150-160 in at the brisket regularly.  Unfortunately, after 12 hours the brisket was still only at 129 degrees.


It did have some gaps at the top that I filled with foil early on, but otherwise, I'm not exactly sure what I've done wrong.  Any suggestions on what to do differently or modifications I can make would be greatly appreciated!



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Your smoker temp should be around 220° - 230°, which would provide enough heat to cook the brisket in a more timely fashion.  What did you do with the brisket?  For 12 hours and only 129°, your pathogen count would be extremely high by then, with no cure involved.  You should get the fresh brisket from 40° to 140° at 225° in 4 hours.

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That is a ecb clone. Get a therm for the side of the dome. Do not stuff foil in the flue next time. Read all the mods for ecbs before your next go. I would try something easier for your next go like burgers , meatloaf,abt or a whole chicken if you still want a large hunk of meat. You may want to make a coal basket to help with your long burns . Ecb a bad about chokeing them selfs out with ash . yahoo.gif
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Actually that looks like it preceeded the ECB.  I love the fact that the cooking chamber can be raised off the coal chamber at the bottom.  Hope you will be able to modify it to work better.  Looks like it has a lot of smokin left in it.

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