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I am a Farmer from England.I live in the county of North Somerset, which is near Bristol.

I started Low and Slow cooking when I made my own style Texas style BBQ out of a 45 gal drum, some old heat bricks and a cast iron plate in the bottom cut through with an angle grinder. A good friend made a smoke stack with a baffle set in( miles to high above the grill setting, but I didn't know that then)!

I played with that for a couple of years, and then my Girlfriend bought me an ECB,( I still cannot get temps sorted on this even after trying to drive it for 6 years, and modifyiny the fire tray).

I am now attempting to build a UDS and a mini UDS using a 60 litre barrel.

Got 1 Fire Box built using an old beer barrel cut in half ish/ with slots cut through it with an angle grinder.

Got 6_ 45 gal barrels plus 1- 60 litre mini drum.

Managed to get hold of a cheap rip off of a 22.5 Webber.

Got bolts 

Got plumbing bits for both.

Got stainless bowls for water pans to fit both sizes.

Got 1 mini Webber type BBQ to fit the 60 litre drum.


Just need some advice?

Diffuser yes or no?

Water pan yes or no?

Grill heights?

Are British 45 gal drums the the same height, width as the US 55 gal?


All help much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!





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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF - glad to have you here 


Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 


Please repost your question under the UDS so you get more responses

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welcome1.gif to SMF
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Don't really know know how these forums work. Location; England;County: North Somerset

I am probably better with a Chainsaw than I am with a computer.

Scarbelly contacted me to update and repost?




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Welcome...Click on the link below where Scarbelly asked you to repost it. the link will open. This is the area on this site where UDS is being discussed. Here is the link from Scarbelly's message..


Good luck and cheers to smokers........................................439.gif

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