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How much

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I have read several post about not adding to much wood for smoking? I assums I start the fire with charcoal? Then add wood for smoke? Keep adding wood at a rate to get the temp to around 200? Then keep it their. Do i add charcoal after the fire is stated?




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It would help to know what type of equipment you are using... normally you would use ALL charcoal for your heat unless you are using a stick burner... when using charcoal for heat you just add 1 or 2 chunks of wood for the smoke flavor every hour or so (when smoke stops add a few more...
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Hay Jck,


I have a cheap o depot brickman at the moment. If I understand u correctly, I do not use all wood?


I will be fabricating a iron Smoker in the next few month as I have a fab shop.........


So use charcoal for heat and wood for smoke.

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O yea Jck what race was your Avitat picture from? I went to Texas a few weeks ago!!!!!!!!!

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for me.. that's the way I do it... we'll see what others have to say
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Yea thats probally why when I smoked some fish early this spring it tasted like smoke. I used all oak wood. Not a good exerience.


I am hoping for better......

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Try the AMNPS...

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Im a stick burner ONLY! Wood as heat, and as smoke. Thanks to oldschool

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