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pecan wood

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looking to buy some good pecan wood in north fl. or south ga.

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Pecan trees grow all over Georgia. Shouldn't be too hard to find.

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Check with a person that sells firewood,  they should have some available or maybe run an ad in Craigs List offering to remove branches or dead trees.

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definitely check craigslist. i look there quite often, lots of people give wood away that they don't want, like when a tree falls in their yard. i search for firewood, trees, wood and under the "free" section. 

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Dude , look around and see if you can find an orchard or tree somewhere , go  and ask if you may collect a bit to use as Smoking fuel. All they can say is , "NO".


Good things come to those that search , just got 3 trees of Cherry wood (from an Aunt), but... ya never know. I'm just sayin'...

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Most of the pecan farms have piles of branches...


Ask em..they will give it to ya.

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