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Just emailed them!

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I saw this thread and had to comment. Its nice to see the stuff i grew up on being enjoyed by others around the country. I live right in Syracuse and to have these around is a blessing.

Although i prefer dinosaur bbq baked beans or rather my version of it.

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Originally Posted by Pops6927 View Post

Well, so much for that plan, grilling them Saturday.... mom got home and said, "Heck YESSS!  Wait on the Cornell Pork Steak, we'll have Hofmann's!!"  I'll just let the pork steak marinade an extra day in the Cornell sauce!  

I made pork spiedies last night with Cornell sauce....they were great!

~Martin biggrin.gif
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Well that's awesome that they carry them at Albertson's.  We used to have those all over the place out here.  But some other grocer bought them all out a few years ago.  


I can't believe I lived in Albany for 3 years and never got tipped off to those.  My local friends failed me.

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Thanks scarbelly for the Ca update!

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Finally took a minute to show the best part of Hofmann's German Franks... cooking them!  The NC (Natural Casing) splitting, with some onions, ready for the buns!







Does that make your mouth water??

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Yummy!!! wink.gif

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As a transplanted Salt City resident, California has great food but nothing in my memories comes close to Hofmann's White Hots, as my sister and I used to call them.  Thank you for putting up the link.  I am one of those crazy people who would pay the money to have White Hots delivered cross country!!!

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A buddy of mine drives to new york every yr and picks me up 10 pounds of snappy grillers I enjoyed them when I was a little kid when we lived in watertown and still enjoy them today
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New owners in the past few years, they're really branching out....someone told me they saw some of their stuff at Aldi.

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Iv seen it at sams club but nothing beats the fresh one from the factory
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