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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

A fine display of baconage my friend. I can smell it frying already.

Thanks Scott!


Originally Posted by jrod62 View Post

Now that some good looking bacon

Thanks Ed!

Originally Posted by Brican View Post

Looking good Joel, will you be doing another smoke or will this be the last?

Doing one more tonight Robert. I will be slicing it up on Saturday.

Originally Posted by desertlites View Post

Looks Great Joel!! and I love the flavor combos. thanks for the pics-prolly miss the bacon makin the most my friend.

Thanks Bob! We shall see how the flavors turn out. Sounds like the sleeper needs a curing refrigerator and cold smoker. biggrin.gif

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I almost missed this post. Damn fine Bacon! And I like the Pancetta spices you chose...JJ

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Thanks JJ!


Pulled the bacons out of the plywood smoker this morning before heading off to work and put them back in the fridge. Will slice tomorrow. I can't wait to get into the honey chipotle bacon. biggrin.gif

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It all looks awesome I can't wait to see the sliced Qview and hear how the flavors worked out

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That is a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!! I bet that is going to be awesome! I like the different seasoning choices. You could start your own bacon of the month club!

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As expected, I sliced up the bacons and my middle finger tonight. Luckily it is my left hand middle finger which I reserve for traffic jams.


Some Q-View:




Now the real deal:


Removing the skin.






The honey-chipotle came out perfect. We had some on burgers tonight.




Saved the skins for cracklins after an emergency counseling sessions with Eman.




Cutting up the odds and ends for my from scratch baked beans.




I am ultimately lazy and a poor multitasker. So, I decided to turn that paradigm on its head and do more multitasking with less effort by singletasking 3 belly halves. Worked out well.




2 pans and a bowl (for baked beans) of awesomeness.




Pancettta is drying. I will add some pics of that once it is done.

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The bacon looks great!

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Originally Posted by DiggingDogFarm View Post


The bacon looks great!



Luckily I felt it as it happened Martin. I probably should have posted pics of the bloody glove instead of after the wound had congealed. Wifey was very impressed with my stupidity like usual.


The bacon turned out great too. I am very pleased with the honey/chipotle version. It has a depth to it that is hard to explain unless you taste it.

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I know how that happens, I'm the poster boy for adult ADD so I'm easily distracted and have a myriad of scars to prove it!!!! LOL
I'm sure the great bacon will offer some solace! wink.gif

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Had some more of the honey-chipotle bacon this morning. I think I may have discovered my new favorite. The chipotle is a very minor accent and not hot at all. The honey doesn't stand out as honey, but rather a background sweetness in the bacon if that makes any sense. I also love the smoke flavor. 3 nights of smoke using Todd's pitmaster pellets did a tremendous job.

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Sounds good!

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It all looks great except that finger biggrin.gif

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Looks great!  Look at the bright side; the tip of the finger is still attached, unlike someone I know!

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